Calcium Silicon plant happened accident

  • Monday, January 9, 2023

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[Fellow]One plant met accident last Friday in Shanxi, China and the explored reason has not been released yet..details will be reported

          One Plant of Calcium silicon happened Accident last Friday Breaking:  on Jan 6(Friday) , one plant of calcium silicon explored accidently when they

crushed powder, and plant explored and fired. but there are no people injured as reported.

This plant has 2 sets of Furnaces with 33000KVA , with capacity 2600mt per month. and another plant with same capacity in same place also stopped for safety inspection. There is no timetable to open again .


Affected by such reason, other producers increased the price of CaSi. from usd1850/mt ( about 12100RMB exw) to usd1950/mt (about RMB12800 exw) on Monday and  the buyers already accepted.

Due to Chinese New Year is coming on the next week (Jan 20-28) and the plants will also be  reduced the ouput due to less workers, so the price of calcium silicon may go up further .

Another reason is Chinese Currency invalued from 6.90 to 6.76 convert to Dollar, and the trend of RMB value will go up further while the Chinese Economy Development is recovering after COVID prevent methods was lifted.

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