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  • Tuesday, January 3, 2023

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[Fellow]Despite the winter cold, workers are busy building a large wind power project in the Shanxi city of Gujiao.
Despite the winter cold, workers are busy building a large wind power project in the Shanxi city of Gujiao.
With a total investment of 1.65 billion yuan ($236.7 million), this is one of the new projects funded and built by Shanxi Construction Investment Group, a leading State-owned infrastructure company in Shanxi province.
The company's executives said the project marks the latest effort by SCIG in its transformation toward green and low-carbon development.
Sun Bo, chairman of the group, said the Gujiao wind power project will have an annual power generation capacity of 450 million kilowatt-hours, which represents a saving of 130,000 metric tons of coal a year.
The executive said low carbon and environmental protection are now at the top of the company's agenda. Its sustainability goals are realized not only in its adjusted investment orientation, but in its entire operational process ranging from manufacturing, construction and installation.
The company has a plant in the Xiaohe Industrial Park in Jinzhong, which manufactures structures used in construction.
Yang Qian, an executive at the plant, said they aim to bring environmental benefits to construction sites.
"The manufactured structures, like steel structures and other big components, are bringing a revolution to the construction industry," Yang said. "It means that the projects are not built but assembled."
Assembling structures at the construction site can save the use of water, cement and other resources and can substantially reduce pollutants like dust and wastewater.
SCIG now has eight such production facilities in operation in Shanxi, with another two under construction.
These facilities can produce 166 varieties of environmentally friendly products for construction. They include pipes, steel structures for bridges and wind power components, according to Cheng Junhu, an SCIG executive in charge of the operation of the production facilities.
"Since 2019, when we began to develop the production facilities, we have grown into a pacesetter in assembled construction in Shanxi," Cheng said.
He added that the new business model has resulted in skyrocketing orders. The orders for manufactured structures amounted to 5.04 billion yuan in 2021, compared with 309 million yuan in 2019. Its profit from the new business also increased from 2 million yuan to 93.2 million yuan during the same period.
He said the company has reported a more rapid development in the so-called "low-carbon market", which includes the production for and construction of wind and solar power facilities, as well as other industries related to environmental protection.
The company has founded a subsidiary company, Shanxi Low-Carbon and Environmental Industry Group, for this specific market. By November, the total value of its contracts in this market surpassed 30 billion yuan.
In SCIG as a whole, the total value of contracts signed in the first three quarters of this year reached 249 billion yuan, an increase of 24.4 percent year-on-year.

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