Common grades of ferrosilicon and Effect of carbon on ferrosilicon

  • Monday, September 30, 2019

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[Fellow]Common grades of ferrosilicon and Effect of carbon on ferrosilicon.
Common grades of ferrosilicon
1. Ferrosilicon 75. Generally, silicon iron containing silicon 75. Low carbon, phosphorus and sulfur content,
2. Ferrosilicon 72. Typically ferrosilicon containing silicon 72. Carbon, sulfur and phosphorus are moderate.
3. Ferrosilicon 65. Ferrosilicon containing silicon 65. The carbon, sulfur and phosphorus contents are relatively high.
Among the various grades of ferrosilicon, the most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon. In the steelmaking industry, about 3-5 kg of 75% ferrosilicon is consumed for every 1 t of steel produced.
Effect of carbon on ferrosilicon
Ferrosilicon contains a fixed amount of carbon. Too low carbon will affect the quality of steel during smelting.
One of the raw materials used to produce ferrosilicon is called coke. It serves as a reducing agent in the process of making ferrosilicon.
When the temperature reached 1187 ° C, the coke began to dissolve. The higher the silicon content in the ferrosilicon, the lower the carbon content.
When the silicon content in the ferrosilicon is more than about 30%, most of the carbon in the ferrosilicon exists in a silicon carbide (SiC) state. Silicon carbide is easily reduced by oxidation of silicon dioxide or silicon monoxide.
Silicon carbide has a low solubility in ferrosilicon. Especially when the temperature is low. The silicon carbide remaining in the ferrosilicon is very low. Therefore, ferrosilicon has a very low carbon content. (wanhua)
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