Chinese Domestic Price

·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China1/4/2016
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China1/4/2016
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China1/4/2016
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China1/4/2016
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/31/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/31/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/31/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/31/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/30/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/30/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/30/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/30/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/29/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/29/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/29/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/29/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/28/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/28/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/28/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/28/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/25/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/25/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/25/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/25/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/24/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/24/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca13Ba13 in China12/24/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca14Ba14 in China12/24/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ba12Ca12 in China12/23/2015
·[Silicon]Market Price of Si50Ca10Ba10 in China12/23/2015
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