Gama Explorations Inc. Discovers New Titanium - Vanadium Occurrences At Tyee Project in Quebec

  • Thursday, October 12, 2023

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[Fellow]Gama Explorations Inc. Discovers New Titanium - Vanadium Occurrences At Tyee Project in Quebec

]\  Gama Explorations Inc. announced the discovery of two titanium-vanadium occurrences on the Company's 100% owned Tyee Nickel Copper Cobalt Project located north of Havre-Saint-Pierre in Quebec. Highlights: Beepmat Prospecting and grab sampling of priority targets has yielded a cluster of titanium occurrences hosted in massive ilmenite; The occurrences and geophysical data suggest a strike length 900m and 200m strike length and may be connected for a combined 2,100m in total strike length; XRF analyses confirms the presence of titanium and vanadium; All samples from the Tyee project have been sent to Bureau Veritas for full element analyses, including titanium, vanadium, nickel, copper and platinum group elements; The occurrences are located 85 km north of the world's large solid ilmenite deposit, Lac Tio, in the same anorthosite complex. These new titanium-vanadium occurrences as well as the recently announced nickel and copper occurrences are newly discovered and show the potential of the 625 km2Tyee Project that company own 100%.

The Tyee has so far proven itself to host several critical metals with titanium, vanadium, copper and nickel, all on the critical metals list. Newly discovered mineral occurrences are shown as black diamonds. The St.

Laurent and St. Catherines target were announced in a news release on September 26, 2023. Prospecting and sampling program: The prospecting and sampling over geophysical anomalies continues, and most of the 25 priority targets consisting of 66 separate geophysical anomalies have now been tested.

Several were under overburden too thick to be able to sample. Once all 25 targets have been tested, the crews will rotate back to the best targets to increase the amount of samples and confidence in potential drill targets. The samples will be analyzed at a certified laboratory for a full suite of elements, including cobalt, platinum and scandium, which are known to be enriched in certain anorthosite complex mineral occurrences.

SkyTEM is now on location and will proceed to fly the remaining 1,187 km of survey lines. One third of the project has not yet been covered by high-resolution airborne electromagnetics. The Company expects the remaining data will lead to additional targets prospective for nickel and copper and/or titanium and vanadium.

The Havre St. Pierre Anorthosite Complex is an intrusive suite of rocks to the north of Havre- Saint-Pierre, Quebec. The anorthosite complex contains the Lac Tio titanium mine owned by Rio Tinto, and exploration in the region to date has been conducted for titanium. Nickel sulphide occurrences were initially discovered in the northernmost part of the HSP Complex in the Ninety. These nickel sulphide occurrences were staked by Go Metals in 2019 and subjected to inaugural drilling in 2022. The Tyee nickel claims were staked in March of 2022 after a detailed geological, geophysical, and geochemical review of the HSP Complex.

Data verification: The exploration team uses an XRF to analyze powder and rock samples to verify the presence of certain elements such as nickel, copper, titanium and vanadium. Readers are cautioned that XRF data are preliminary in nature. The samples will be tested. The samples will be analyzed for a full suite of elements of the Tyee project already yielded new nickel and copper, vanadium occurrences, and the company own 100%. The company has now added new titanium and vanadium occurrences.

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