The 17th China Ferro-alloys International Conference was successfully held

  • Friday, September 25, 2020

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[Fellow]The 17th China Ferro-alloys International Conference, co-sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) and and co-organized by Chongqing Bosai Group is held in Chongqing on September 23-25... The 17th China Ferro-alloys International Conference, co-sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC) and and co-organized by Chongqing Bosai Group is held in Chongqing on September 23-25, 2020.

Chongqing Bosai Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Bosai Group") was founded in August 1994, with total assets of over 12 billion yuan, annual sales of 30 billion yuan, and more than 7,500 employees worldwide, including 1,200 foreign employees. There are more than 12 large-scale production enterprises and branches in Chongqing, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Germany, Guyana in South America, and Ghana in Africa. It is one of the earliest and most successful companies in Chongqing and even China to "go global".

At present, Bosai Group has more than 300 million tons of high-quality bauxite and more than 30 million tons of high-grade manganese ore in the world, and has always adhered to the development direction of two major products of aluminum and manganese. Bosai series products sell well in more than 30 countries around the world, as well as the vast domestic markets. Among them, the production and sales of high-aluminum clinker and brown fused alumina rank first in the world. In various authoritative rankings of the country and Chongqing City, Bosai Group has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies, the top 50 Chinese non-ferrous metal industrial enterprises, and the top 10 private enterprises in Chongqing for many years.

Director Zhang Duping of Ulanqab Ferroalloy Industry Association served as the chairperson of the meeting


Opening speech

At the beginning of the meeting, Jiang Hui from CCCMC, Fan Yuqing, Deputy General Manager of Bosai Group, the co-organizer, and Mr. Liu Zhengzhi, Chairman of the organizer, China, delivered opening speeches to the representatives of all parties who came to the meeting and expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks with the great wish for a complete successful meeting.

Speech by Jiang Hui from CCCMC

Speech by Fan Yuqing from Bosai Group

Welcome speech by Liu Zhengzhi from China

Scene of the meeting

Keynote speech

High Quality industrial Development in the 14th five years: Problems and countermeasures

Speaker: Lu Tie, researcher, Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Mr. Lu pointed out that high-quality development is a dynamic concept, which refers to a desirable economic development method that adapts to the changing requirements of the economic development stage, can effectively solve the outstanding problems faced in the new stage, and better achieve the development goals of the new stage. To promote the realization of high-quality development in our country, we need to deal with five aspects: the relationship between supply and demand; the relationship between input and output; the relationship between government and the market; the relationship between fairness and efficiency and the relationship between domestic and foreign countries. The status and role of industry in the national economy are still important, but the way in which it functions has changed. In the past, it was mainly through scale expansion to promote economic growth. The new stage will mainly use its own efficiency improvement and create demand for the development of producer services to promote high-quality economic development.

Mr. Lu further pointed out that the labor productivity, R&D input and output intensity of China's manufacturing industry lag behind the global manufacturing powers, and energy efficiency has not formed a global competitive advantage. At present, China's manufacturing industry is increasingly squeezed by both ends of the industrial chain in the global market, and the traditional scale advantage is accelerating attenuation, and the quality and benefit advantage has not yet formed in the global manufacturing structure. To promote the high-quality development of our country’s industry, three things need to be done: strict protection of consumer rights; effective protection of intellectual property rights and a complete corporate credit system.

Current situation and development of Ferroalloy industry in China

Shi Wanli, secretary general of China Ferroalloy Industry Association






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