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  • Monday, October 21, 2019

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[Fellow]Shanxi has been very clear its goal to lower its annual production of coal to 1 billion tons by 2020.
[Ferro-Alloys.comShanxi province, a traditional coal production hub in China, is taking steps to shift from heavily polluting coal to cleaner, greener and more profitable industries.
In the province, reducing dependency on coal has become a focus of its high-quality development path, according to local authorities.
According to the Shanxi government, more than 20 coal-centered industrial parks have been established in the province in recent years to support the coal industry transformation and upgrading.
China will see a drastic decline in coal consumption after 2020. Coal is expected to make up less than 50 percent of total energy consumption in 2030, and 30 percent in 2050, according to Han.
"Shanxi is the energy hub of China with the country's second-largest coal production capacity, which has powered national economic growth, but also brought the structural problem of being overly dependent on coal," said Han Dong'e, a researcher at the Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences.
"Shanxi has been very clear its goal to lower its annual production of coal to 1 billion tons by 2020."
Han said under the targets, the main objective will be to increase the supply of high-quality coal.
Shanxi has been taking measures to cut excess capacity in coal production over the past three years with the total reduction reaching 88.4 million tons, according to the provincial government. In 2018, 30.9 million tons of production capacity was cut. (China Daily)
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