New Type Cored Wire Technologies 2018 Promote Green Intelligent Manufacturing of China 2025

  • Monday, August 20, 2018

  • Keywords:New Type Cored Wire Technologies, Green Intelligent Manufacturing of China 2025
[Fellow]Contribution of Wire-feeding Technology in Green Intelligent Manufacturing

China Manufacturing 2025 is a strategy that Chinese government implements to become a powerful country, of which there are such sentences at the beginning of the program of action for the first decade:

“With China’s economic development turning into the new normal, manufacturing faces new challenges including constantly strengthening constraints on resources and environment , constantly rising cost of productive factors such as labour force, obvious slowdown growth of investment and export, over dependency on resource element input and unsustainable expanding extensive development mode. Therefore, adjusting structure, transforming and updating and improving quality and efficiency are of great urgency.”

Harbin Kedewei Metallurgy Co., Ltd. (KDW), the sole high-tech enterprise that is specialized in development and production of cored wire and using complete technology, has been serving domestic casting enterprises for years and has achieved fruitful results in production of ductile iron and vermicular iron.  However, we are never satisfied with the achievements what we have accomplished. Under the new situation, we explore actively and invest heavily in research and development and have developed unique and fire-new technologies and equipment that are collectively called “New Type Cored Wire Technology” based on “green environmental protection”, “low cost”, “intelligent”, “high additional value” and other key factors.

Green Intelligent Casting Technology

“Green”- Solves the problems of energy conservation and environmental protection and changes the current situation of high consumption and high pollution of casting industry;

“Intelligent”- Solves the problems of production equipment automation, workshop digitalization and factory intelligence to achieve Manufacturing China 2005.

Composition of New Type Cored Wire Technology: Data Automatic Summarization and Intelligent Analysis, •Intelligent Spheroidization and Vermiculation Inoculation Processing Station, •Segregation Free High Precision Cored Wire Production Line, •Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Environmental Protection and •Cost of High Quality Core Powder Reduces Significantly

Comparing with conventional alloy cored wire, KDW’s Compact Alloy Cored Wire has the advantages that avoid break by absorbing energy, no idle wire, strong structural strength and strong force of penetrating molten iron, etc. New type cored wire technology can further reduce cost. Because core powder material that “Multi Core Powder Laminated Composite Cored Wire” uses is  single element metal particle, the cost of raw material is lower but efficiency is higher and consumption is less. Comparing with conventional alloy wire, “Multi Core Powder Laminated Composite Cored Wire” reduces direct production cost by 800 yuan per ton in raw material and by 800 yuan per ton in using. Also, with such cored wire, the spheroidization effect is better so that quality of casting products has got improved and market competitiveness has got enhanced. The Employment Problems Caused by Environmental Protection has been solved. “Under the situation that constraints for national resources and environment are being strengthened and cost of productive factors such as labour force is rising”, multi core powder laminated cored wire technology can realize steady and active transformation and upgrade of casting alloy spheroidizer factories to bring huge social benefits! 


Due to high purity of core powder material (with no magnesium oxide), quality of castings has got improved! 


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