Titanium Market Is Relatively Weak This Week Prices of TItanium Dioxide And Acidsoluble Titanium SLag Have Dropped

  • Thursday, June 08, 2017
  • Source:ferro-alloys.com

  • Keywords:titanium dioxide,acidsoluble titanium slag
[Fellow][ferro-alloys.com]Titanium market is relatively weak this week Prices of titanium dioxide and acidsoluble titanium slag have dropped.Other offers of Titanium products are still firm.

[ferro-alloys.com] Titanium market is relatively weak this week, demand of titanium concentrate is weak that the conclusion is rare. Lacking the support of trading volume, price of titanium concentrate in part districts dropped. Because the continued drop of price of titanium concentrate and titanium dioxide enters into traditional consumption slack season, and the demand of acidsoluble titanium slag is less,  the price of acidsoluble titanium slag has dropped. Other offers of Titanium products are still firm. In a short time, it is expected that tendency in Titanium market in China is not optimistic.  

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