Yugohrom Ferroalloys LTD Jegunovce –Top Balkans FeSi Producer

  • Thursday, August 07, 2014
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[Fellow]Yugohrom Ferroalloys LTD Jegunovce –Top Balkans FeSi Producer

Yugohrom Ferroalloys LTD Jegunovce is the largest producer of ferroalloys not only in the Republic of Macedonia, but also in the Balkans.

The decision to organize the production of chromium compounds and alloys has been taken by the Government of the National Republic of Macedonia on June 30th, 1952 and the plant was named "Factory for Chromium Products and Ferroalloys Production" Jegunovce. The plant has several stages of development and the first phase of the Integrated Development was launched in 1953.In the same year the construction of section for Chromium Compounds production began. In 1954 building of a new section of the ferroalloys production was beginning: ferrosilicon ( FeSi ) , silico – chrome (SiCr) and low carbon ferro-chrome ( FeCr ).The first phase of the Integrated  Development was completed in 1956. Construction and installation of four furnaces was completed in 1957, and in the same year the furnaces were running in trial production.

The continuous work of the Factory including the ferroalloys section began in 1958. At that time establishment of the first self-governing bodies was completed. 

In the period 1960-1965 the factory began to expand its production capacity by building a complete section for Calcium carbide and calcium Cyanamid production, accessory sections for the production of limestone, quicklime, nitrogen, and metal wrapping for the finished product. During this period productivity of ferrochrome (FeCr) has increased with the installation of another furnace and after that started construction of the second ore-reduction ovens for the production of siliko-chrome (SiCr) started.

In 1972 the second phase of the Integrated Development commenced: the construction of new furnaces for the production of ferrosilicon (FeSi), ferrochrome (FeCr), medical plastics factories and other facilities, as well as the modernization of the already constructed sections.

During the period from 1970 to 1980 Jugohrom increased its assets and the plant included: "NEMETALI" - Tetovo, "Popova Shapka" - a ski resort in Tetovo, "Stogova" - Kicevo.

In December 2001 Jugohrom plant was shut down due to the new political and economic situation. In January 2003 plant assets associated with the production of ferroalloys were purchased by a private company Silmak. Furnaces were included in the production of ferrosilicon. Unfortunately Silmak plant was not working quite steadily and at the beginning of 2010 the main production assets for the debts Silmak were transferred to the Company's Metal Invest EFT. In July 2010 a dominant investor entered the Company Metal Invest EFT called Camelot Group Resourses. In the same year the new company has decided to follow the tradition has returned the old name Jugohrom by adding to it the name Jugohrom Ferroalloys DOO Jegunovce, starting five electricity  furnaces for the production of ferrosilicon FeSi 65% and FeSi75%, Si-metal.

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