Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co.,Ltd- One Outstanding High-purity FeSi Producer in China

  • Friday, July 18, 2014

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[Fellow]Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co.,Ltd- One Outstanding High-purity FeSi Producer in China

[] The predecessor of Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co., Ltd is Ningxia Ferroalloy Co., Ltd which was built in the 1970s belonged to state-owned enterprises. Ningxia Ferroalloy Co., Ltd faced with high debt issue and other difficulties underwent policy-based bankruptcy in 2003, thus dropping out of the state-owned enterprises and changing the name to Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co., Ltd.

With restructuring of enterprises, the decision-making level determined to usher in production of special ferroalloys such as high-purity ferrosilicon, with the support of survival of ferroalloy as long as steel and building industries existed. The change from ferroalloy to special ferroalloy displayed an improvement and innovation of development concept.

Over the decade Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co., Ltd has been dedicated to producing special ferrosilicon including low Ti and micro aluminum ferrosilicon, which is one of the most cutting-edge raw materials for steel production.

The company produces Q/RST series of special ferroalloy with contents of Al, Ti, Ca and C all less than 0.01%, which are far lower than national and export standards. In February 2014, Ningxia Rongsheng Ferroalloy Group Co., Ltd compiled the Standards of Low Ti & Micro Al Ferrosilicon with Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Institution of Supervision and Inspection Product Quality. Ningxia Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision formally approved and issued the standards. Every specific indicator is stricter than that of GB/T2272.

Through technical upgrading the consumption of raw materials now decreases by 30% and transformation of furnaces enables power consumption to remain below 8, 500 kWh for one ton of special ferrosilicon and this is 2,000 kWh less than other producers of the same product. In the year 2013, the company totally sold 92,283 tons of special ferrosilicon, accounting for about 65% of the national total special ferrosilicon. In the first half of 2014, the company completed production of 46,142 tons for contract purchases.

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