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  • Tuesday, July 06, 2010
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The biggest Plant of high purity ferro silicon of China, Qinghai Wutong Group arranged a meeting with its customers in Xining, Qinghai Province today, about 80 people including local governmental officials and customers from POSCO,Baosteel, Tisco etc participated this Meeting. Mr.Karl Liu from ferro-alloys.com was invited to attend made a short presentation.

Wutong Group is one of the major ferro silicon producers in China, its current capacity  is about 350000mt, including high purity ferro silicon capacity of 100000mt. and another 50000mt is under constructing. two 3MVA furnaces will be constructed and one of them will be operated by the end of this year. Wutong high purity Ferro silicon capacity is the largest one in China .

The total capacity of High purity Ferro silicon in China currently is about 400000mt . the major consumers are from local steel mills ,like TISCO consumes about 100000mt per annum,  Baosteel need about 60000mt per annum. China exported about 100000mt high purity ferro silicon last year . JFE and other Japanese steels are major buyers from abroad, POSCO consumes about 40000mt per annum.  Norway, Brazil  also produce high purity ferro silicon about 100000mt capacity in total.

High purity ferro silicon is mainly used to produce special stainless steel , Tool steels and also in the Foundry industry.China total local demands is about 250000mt .

Wutong Group is 15 years old and expanded very quickly during the past 5 years. it has its own patent technology to use wasted heat to produce electricity .and has 3000 stuffs including over 28 high educated engineers. Foucs on technology and quality improvment is the main factor to get the success and  more consumers, accoding to Mr Yang shengliang, manging director said.


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