manganese ore

Price: 200.00 USD/mt
Product: Manganese Ore
Quantity: 30000.00 mt
Area: International,Mexico
Validity: 11/18/2018
Manganese Ore Products


Contact:israel torres
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Contact:israel torres

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Specification manganese ore 40%+ up Payment Letter of credit
Packing Bag Price Terms CIF China Main Port

we have manganese ore 40%+ from mexico  cif price we can start 30,000 mt per month 

Form of payment: letter of credit confirmed and irrevocable non-transferable, without conditions payable on demand deferred payment at 60,90 or 120 days, issued in the name of our financial agent
or a promissory note backed by the bank or STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT to 60,90 or 120 days.