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  • Friday, February 7, 2014
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[Fellow]Demand for indium within western markets continued
Demand for indium within western markets continued to rise week-over-week as buyers seemed somewhat pressed for material. According to sources, long-term availability has been clouded by the stockpiling activity on the Fanya Metals Exchange and, as a result, renewed interest has grown since the beginning of the year. Prices forindium are presently $695-735 per kg, up compared to $680-720 per kg the week prior. Sellers remained unwilling to conclude sales below the $700 per kg mark, while others have indicated their floor at $720 per kg. “There is not a lot of material around right now,” said a source. “The Chinese holiday does add another layer to downstream concerns.” Some small transactions were indicated at the upper end of the range with a 100kg sale confirmed at $730 per kg. Others noted, however, some buyers rejecting offers at $735 per kg, while a larger deal was reportedly transacted at $703 per kg.
With China currently on hiatus due to the Spring Festival national holiday, the Chinese domestic market has been at a standstill. Prices hold firm at 4,820-4,850 yuan ($799) per kg VAT included for 4N material. Crude indium producers have been shut down well in advance of the Chinese New Year holiday. Consequently, refined indium producers are likely to be short on material once the domestic market resumes business. Supply is likely to be further tightened, as a result. The latest data shows that the stock level of Fanya Exchange has held at 2,117 mt; however, that figures is likely to rise once the holiday period comes to a close.
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