Nickel price trend on January 21st

  • Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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[Fellow]Nickel price trend on January 21st

[]Yesterday, the index of U.S dollar went down. Relatively, LME nickel price went upn. Yesterday,LME nickel was quoted at 14015 USD/T. It was 80 USD/T higher than the price on last trading day. The Spring Festival was coming soon. The trading volume was less in domestic future nickel market. Due to rising of LME nickel price, the price of future nickel went up.Compared with Shanghai future nickel 2002 contract, the premium of Russian nickel was from 50 to 150 RMB/T.Today, Jinchuan quoted its electrolytic nickel at 111500 RMB/T. It was 500 lower than the price on last trading day. 

On the eve of Spring Festival, the stainless steel market kept silent. Both the demand and supply sides remained at lower level. So, the ferronickel price was stable.Today,the mainstream of high grade ferronickel was 960-970 RMB/Nickel point, and the price of low grade ferronickel was 3300-3450 RMB/T.

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