U.S canceled Indonesian made stainless steel import tax

  • Tuesday, September 04, 2018
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[Fellow]U.S canceled Indonesian made stainless steel import tax

[ferro-alloys.com]According to the letter from BIS to Indonesian Trade Department, the Indonesian made stainless steel could enter into the American market without import tax. However, the exemption period only lasted 1 year.

  They said that it was an exceptional case to give one year exemption for Indonesian steel. During the period, U.S will impose 25% tariff on imported alloy steel, but special alloy steel will not be included. U.S needs above-mentioned product in their domestic market.

U.S domestic steel plants could not satisfy the current requirements, including quality requirement. Besides, in the letter , BIS said that they didn’t find out any factors that would effect national security. 

U.S also provides 1 million steel import quotas to Indonesia. Purwono Widodo, chairman of plant product that belongs to Indonesia Steel Association Group, praised the policy, though the exemption was temporary. “Certainly, we welcome the successful persuading by the government, especially the minister of trade department."

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