Invention Patent and Intellectual Property Protection of Cored Wire Products

  • Monday, August 20, 2018

  • Keywords:Cored Wire Products, Innovation Patent Protection, Intellectual Property Protection
[Fellow]Cored Wire Products, Innovation Patent Protection, Intellectual Property Protection

In recent years, China’s steel industry has been reducing excessive capacity, adjusting product structure, improving quality of variety steel to strive to transform into the world’s high-quality steel (clean steel) big country from a big country of steel capacity.  In this process, various alloy cored wires played crucial roles. In particular, with the rise of pure calcium cored wire, the quality of China’s variety steel has achieved a qualitative leap, which not only has improved product quality, but also has reduced consumption of alloy, thus has reduced emissions of exhaust gas indirectly to make a contribution of atmosphere environmental protection.


The quality of steel depends on cleanliness of molten steel, which refers to content of hazardous elements and quantity, shape, size and distribution state of non-metal impurity in steel. For different purposes of steel, requirements on cleanliness of steel are different. the company has studied and explored on pure calcium series of cored wires and relevant composite cored wires that refining process such as converter and LF furnace and has developed multiple patent technologies represented by dual-layer solid-core pure calcium wire according to customer’s concrete operating conditions. The common features of these patent products are high yield, small splash, high feeding speed and high efficiency and meet individual needs of different steel varieties and different types of furnaces. There is also a composite calcium wire patent product dedicated to 220T or so large-scale furnace not only featuring high yield, short feeding wire time, but also saving 3 to 5 minutes in calcium process every furnace comparing with other calcium wire so that production efficiency has been improved greatly.


Through years of development and practice, the series of patent products represented by dual-layer pure calcium cored wire have been well accepted by their customers. With rising of localization process of seamless pure calcium cored wire, some costs have been lowered, but their patent products are incomparable to seamless calcium wire. Even the similar product can achieve the level which price-quality ratio is not less than seamless calcium wire.


In the report of 19th National Congress of CPC, speeding up the construction of innovation-oriented national strategy was proposed. Constructing innovative enterprises is a glorious mission and historical responsibility that the times endowed us. Improving independent innovation ability and strengthening competitiveness is the road to survival for an enterprise. The company is willing to continue making efforts to enhance manufacturing and application level of cored wire with all colleagues here to strive to create international high class product.


In the process of constructing innovation-oriented country, China has been continuously strengthening protection of intellectual property and completing the laws and regulations and has promoted to the national development strategy level. Everyone should take the responsibility of patent technology and intellectual property protection. Law compliance is the road of healthy development for an enterprise. I’d like to take this opportunity to appeal that we should respect intellectual property and others’ labour creation and use patent technologies legally. In future, I hope the companies that manufacture products relevant to the patent technologies of the company to contact the company in advance. The company will provide enough time to make the relevant enterprises use the patent technology of the product legally. At the same time, the will also protect their lawful rights by means of laws and regulations.

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