Nickle price trend on May 17th

  • Thursday, May 17, 2018

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[Fellow]Nickle price trend on May 17th

[]Yesterday, the price of LME nickle was lower than the price on the last trading day, it was quoted at 14450USD/T. At present, the inventory of LME nickle and domestic nickle stock have been declining. It made the nickle price went up in SHFE.Compared to Wuxi 1806 contract, the premium of Russian nickle was 400RMB/T, and Jinchuan nickle premium was 500RMB/T. Today, Jinchuan quoted its electrolytic nickle (big board) at 107500RMB/T which was 500RMB/T higher than the price yesterday. The downstream firms purchase as required. The price of spot goods were 106400-108400RMB/T .

Affected by environmental protection policy, the price of high grade ferronickle rose up. Today,the price of high grade ferronickle was 1015-1030RMB/nickle. Due to the declining of 201 series stainless product price, the low grade ferronickle price could not rise up. The price maintained at 3150-3250RMB/T.

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