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  • Friday, January 03, 2014
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[Fellow]2013-2014 Ferroalloy Industry Report (Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, W, V, Ti, cored wires, Ca, Mg)by Ferro-alloys.com has been finished, you can book it now!
[Ferro-Alloys.com] China begins new times of reform under the guidance of the new leadership lineup after the China's government transition in 2013. People’s prediction on the economy growth becomes better with the promulgation and performance of series of economic and political policies.
From the 2H of 2013, Chinese economy became warming up, however, there is still some difficulties during the reform. Chinese steel and ferroalloy industry profit was still slender despite market price up slightly and development of the industries was still driven by the Chinese domestic demand instead of export trading. Meanwhile, the environmental problems became more and more serious in China, and therefore the government set more strict policy on enterprises of high energy consumption and high pollution. From 2013, China became to remove the ferroalloy enterprises which have lost qualification of industry access policy. It means the development pattern of ferroalloy industry should be transmit and quality should be the cored instead of quantity in the future.
As the professional research institute, www.ferro-alloys.com is devoting itself into industry study and research. We summarize the industrial environment, production, consumption, market, trading, projects construction based on our strong database and information channel. The completed overview on 2013 and the deep analysis and prediction on 2014 must be valuable for your business!
Please Contact us by TEL: +86-10-85597987/7990 or Email: yueleilei@ferro-alloys.com if you are interested in the reports as follows.


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